NPO "Vosstanovlenie"


NPO "Vosstanovlenie" is currently involved in the following R&D projects:

  1. New materials and technologies to apply non-metallic coatings to heat-resistant furnace rollers which exclude deposits from rolled steel and increase wear resistance of roller barrels.
  2. New wear and heat-resistant materials and reconditioning technologies for furnace roller barrels working under various thermal tension conditions.
  3. New reconditioning technology for circular shear blades which will increase their service life 5-6 times as compared to conventional blades made of 5HV2S and 6HV2S steel grades.
  4. New materials and manufacturing technologies for circular shear blades and edge shear blades to cut low and medium alloy steel plates.
  5. New reconditioning and manufacturing technologies for medium and high-alloy hot-working dies involving electrometallurgical methods.
  6. New sheet/strip banding technologies.
  7. New reconditioning technologies for backup chocks and roll couplings in hot-rolling and cold-rolling mills.

NPO «Vosstanovlenie»
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