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Recondition and manufacture forming rollers and leveler rollers

This technology provides for manufacturing of new bimetallic rollers: the basis is made of carbon steel or, if required, low-alloyed steel which ensures required physical and mechanical properties of the component during bending or torsion. The roller barrel surface ensuring its service life is made of medium and high alloy steel which increases its durability 1.5-2 times as compared with conventional steel grades (34HN3M for forming rollers and 9H1 or 9H2MF for leveler rollers).

Bimetallic forming rollers and leveler rollers with medium and high alloy steel barrel surfaces have been successfully tested at OAO "NLMK", OAO "Oskol Electrometallurgical Steel Works", Vyksa Steel Works, and OAO "Severstal".

Their price is comparable with that of conventional rollers, but the service life is significantly longer. When using bimetallic rollers, you will cut down on direct costs through increasing quality of rolled products and efficiency of rolling mills. Besides, you will have an opportunity to repair bimetallic rollers. Please note that rollers made of 9H1, 9H2MF and 34HN3M steel grades are never repaired in steel-making companies.

We have technologies that allow repairing these components up to 5 tons. However, bimetallic roller repairs are labor-consuming so the price is just about 30-40% less than the price of new components.

Nevertheless, durability of the forming rollers and leveler rollers repaired in accordance with our in-house technologies is at least 1.5-2 times higher than durability of new rollers made of 9H1, 9H2MF and 34HN3M steel grades.

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