NPO "Vosstanovlenie"


Circular and edge shear blades manufacturing

We have technologies and materials designed to produce processing tools to cut low-alloy and dynamo sheets, strips and plates. These technologies provide for a comprehensive set of processing stages during melting, pouring, pressure treatment, thermal and mechanical treatment, which imparts to the blades a unique combination of properties, such as hardness, impact value and wear resistance of the tool steel in operation.

Circular and edge shear blades made of new steel grades according to our technology are 5 to 10 times more durable than similar blades made of conventional 5HV2S, 5HNVS and 6HV2S steel grades. In any case, increase in the price is much lower than increase in durability of the blades thus providing for a substantial economic effect in operation.

NPO «Vosstanovlenie»
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